The Business

Weird is Nrml is a modern training and development organization. We acknowledge the feels that adults get when we learn (aka the weird and scaries) and build the capacity required to sit comfortably in that discomfort.

We believe that at the core of empathy, collaboration, creativity and communication is a willingness to be uncomfortable. We believe a willingness to be uncomfortable is not some innate bravery, rather, a skill that can be developed through exposure. We provide that exposure in a safe and supportive environment that builds teams equipped to handle the challenges of the future.

The Founder

Michaud Garneau is a professional facilitator who draws on his experience as an award-winning performance artist to create impactful engagement opportunities.

Michaud has over a decade of teaching and training experience. He has created and facilitated workshops for Fortune 500 companies, not-for-profits as well as developed curriculum for elementary, high school and post-secondary institutions.

an unexpected and delightful experience, Michaud is an exceptional facilitator who brings compassion, joy and curiosity, and empowers participants to do the same
— Steven Pulver, Co-Founder of Fireside Conference
I was extremely impressed with the Weird is Nrml workshop! In between the laughter and fun, Michaud gently provoked our team to think differently about problem-solving and guided us towards authentic moments of communication and collaboration. Highly recommend!
— Josh, Co-Founder of Feedback App

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